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Starting in 2010, the origins of 3R Diesel Repair originated out of a desire by David Riddell to take matters into his own hands when it came to fixing trucks and other diesel vehicles on his farm, as otherwise, it took more time than was ideal. The diesel repair business suited David well, thanks to his passion for helping people and keeping them on the road. Today, David and his staff of four ASE, Stemco, and Bendex-certified technicians boast eight decades of experience between them, which, alongside the company’s crane and welder-equipped service trucks, gives them skills and abilities that can’t be beaten.

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Although 3R Diesel Repair can handle anything their clients need...

Although 3R Diesel Repair can handle anything their clients need, David and his team are particularly skilled in dealing with aftertreatment systems, fuel injectors and condensers, and working with all aspects of preventive maintenance. Regarding brand names, 3R Diesel Repair can handle them all and won’t turn any in need away. Although initially starting with repairing their own trucks, today, 3R Diesel Repair can handle both medium and heavy-duty trucks in addition to large-size trucking fleets that are so common throughout the Gulf. They can even handle repair and maintenance for buses, RVs, and heavy diesel equipment if their clients need it.

3R Diesel Repair is available 24/7.

Based in New Orleans, LA, 3R Diesel Repair is available 24/7, Monday through Sunday, and can reach a 120-mile radius of their Elmwood location. David is dedicated to his team and community, organizing recreational activities like baseball and sponsoring community events throughout New Orleans.

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The mobile diesel mechanics at 3R Diesel Repair provide top-rated repair services for heavy-duty trucks, RV's, buses, heavy equipment, and commercial fleets. Based in New Orleans, LA, we offer extensive mobile mechanic coverage throughout Louisiana & the surrounding areas. Have questions about our services or mobile coverage? Our service advisors are standing by to answer all of your questions.

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